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Our developments are based on Java and run on Windows, Linux, Apple MacIntosh and mobile platforms. On Embedded platforms, we are also using "Arduino" software architecture.

Recognized standards for storage and exchange of information:#

  • SQL,
  • RDF (RDFs, RDFa, SKOS, SparQL),
  • XML (XSD, XSLT, Atom, RSS, AtomPub, OpenSearch),
  • Dublin Core, Marc21, OAI-PMH...

Components from Apache Software Foundation:#

  • http,
  • Tomcat,
  • Lucene,
  • Abdera,
  • JSPWiki,
  • Click,
  • Velocity,
  • Cayenne,
  • Xerces,
  • PDFbox,
  • POI,
  • Commons

To integrate multilingual terminology management and structured indexation: maximize comfort, completeness and accuracy of searches for your users.

Programming languages:#

  • Java,
  • JSP,
  • JavaScript,
  • XSLT,
  • SQL
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JSPWiki v2.8.4
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