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After careful analysis and design, lets make it real :
Implementation of your Information System

  1. Configuration of existing applications (proprietary or open-source like or Apache JSPWiki);
  2. Recognized standards for storage and exchange of information:
    • SQL,
    • RDF (RDFs, RDFa, SKOS, SparQL),
    • XML (XSD, XSLT, Atom, RSS, AtomPub, OpenSearch),
    • Dublin Core, Marc21, OAI-PMH...
  3. Integrate open-source components like those offered by the Apache Software Foundation:
    http, Tomcat, Lucene, Abdera, JSPWiki, Click, Cayenne, Xerces, PDFbox, POI, Commons, etc.
  4. Benefit from the developments made by project to integrate multilingual terminology management and structured indexation:
    maximize comfort, completeness and accuracy of searches for your users;
  5. Develop and configure what is necessary:
    Java, JSP, JavaScript, XSLT, SQL (Windows, Linux or MacIntosh). had 3 different systems to manage its collections of music scores and recordings. Improving open-source software with our SKOS terminology management software, we implemented a powerful multimedia documents management system with multilingual searches.

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