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A quest for excellence!#

2 pre-requisites:#

  1. High-quality product or service: delivering real value to the customer
  2. Solid handle on your financials

6 strategies:#

  1. Vivid vision:
    A clear and well-thought-out vision of what you are trying to create that is exceptionally well communicated to everyone involved.
  2. Best people:
    Superior talents who are also masters of collaboration.
  3. A performance-oriented culture:
    One that demands flawless operational execution, encourages constant improvement and innovation, and completely refuses to tolerate mediocrity or lack of accountability. A culture of the Quality.
  4. Robust communication:
    Open, honest, frank and courageous, both internally and externally.
  5. A sense of urgency:
    The strong desire to get the important things done while never wasting time on the trivial.
  6. Extreme customer focus:
    Owning the voice of the customer and delivering what customers consider truly valuable.

Abstracted from "Achieving Business Excellence" by John Spence

Amazone, the Belgium Centre for Gender Equality, wanted to create a database of "expertes", women providing high quality services in different domains. We developed for them the VEGA database.

We're listening (GMT+1):#

- Belgium: +32 475 77.62.11


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