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Seizing the real opportunities:#

Needs Analysis -- Information Architecture:#

  1. Why and How users access your services -- the use cases:
    What are the steps followed by your users, starting from social medias or from a Google search, to find appropriate information or complete a transaction?
  2. Possible data sources and Information needed -- the conceptual data model.
  3. IT functions needed, their benefits, their priority...

Information System Design:#

  1. User interfaces for each use case:
    1. Information to display,
    2. Terminals to support (phones, tablets, other specialized equipments?),
    3. Possible interactions,
    4. Essential characteristics of functions underlying each kind of transaction.
  2. IT Architecture:
    1. Modules needed and desired standards for communications between modules,
    2. Existing parts of the solution, to integrate or to be adapted,
    3. Implementation strategy and developments to be planned
      (scheduling, delegation)

and then, implementation...#

Belgium Poison Centre needs an evolutive IT architecture, integrating internal and external sources of information. MDs may need to search in all applications at ounce. They also need to navigate easily from one source to another. We studied this problem, designed a solution and we are implementing the corresponding applications.

We're listening (GMT+1):#

- Belgium: +32 475 77.62.11


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