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3-tier architectures   
3D imaging  39
3D integrated circuits   
A. van Wijngaarden   
ABET, Inc.   
Abstract data types  1140
Abstract machines  5
Abstraction  474
Abstraction and micro-operators   
Abstraction, modeling and modularity   
Acceptable use policy restrictions   
Acceptance testing   
Access control  2041
Access protection  763
Accessibility design and evaluation methods   
Accessibility systems and tools   
Accessibility technologies   
Accessibility theory, concepts and paradigms   
Accreditation  217
Action semantics  40
Active learning   
Active learning settings   
Active vision   
ActiveX  58
Activity centered design   
Activity recognition and understanding   
Ad hoc networks   
Ada language  70
Ada Lovelace  2
Adobe Systems Incorporated   
Adult education   
Advanced Information Systems  3
Adversarial learning   
Adversarial retrieval   
Adversary models   
Aerospace  1865
Age-based restrictions   
Agent / discrete models   
Agere Systems, Inc.   
Agile software development   
Agilent Technologies   
Aging of circuits and systems   
Alan Cooper   
Alan Curtis Kay   
Alan J. Perlis  2
Alan Mathison Turing   
Algebraic algorithms  1987
Algebraic complexity theory  52
Algebraic language theory  1625
Algebraic semantics  885
Algebraic topology  5
Algorithm design techniques  56
Algorithmic game theory   
Algorithmic game theory and mechanism design   
Algorithmic mechanism design   
Allen Kent   
Allen Newell  4
Allocation / deallocation strategies   
Ambient intelligence   
American Mathematical Society   
American National Standards Institute   
American Statistical Association   
Ames Research Center   
An'an Wang   
Analog and mixed-signal circuit optimization   
Analog and mixed-signal circuit synthesis   
Analog and mixed-signal circuits   
Analog computers  319
Analog, mixed-signal and radio frequency test   
Analysis and design of emerging devices and systems   
Andrew S. Grove   
Animation  4461
Anomaly detection   
Answer ranking   
Antialiasing  33
Antitrust and competition   
AOL, Inc.   
Apache Software Foundation   
API languages   
Appearance and texture representations   
Apple, Inc.  50
AppleScript  11
Application layer protocols   
Application servers  370
Application specific development environments   
Application specific instruction set processors   
Application specific integrated circuits   
Application specific processors  1
Application-specific VLSI designs   
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