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3.[Objects, Pragmatics and Technicalities]: specific level  1
I. Information treatment for information services, Information functions and techniques 1301
    JITA Classification System of Library and Information Science [2002-11-11 version]  
13.[Objects, Pragmatics and Technicalities]: specific level 1
2 H. Information sources, supports, channels1981
2 I. Information treatment for information services, Information functions and techniques1301
3  Cataloging, bibliographic control4161
3  Content analysis: abstracting, indexing, classification1691
3  Index languages, processes and schemes2811
3  Knowledge representation3471
3  Data and metadata structures3201
3  Information transfer: protocols, formats (e.g. XML), techniques1661
3  Information presentation: hypertext, hypermedia1041
3  Image systems391
3  Filtering311
3  Reference work1541
3  Design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems and services1711
3  Cartography  
3  Linked data  
3  Data mining, big data  
3  OPEN data  
3  Research data  
2 J. Technical services in libraries, archives and museums1101
2 K. Housing technologies51
2 L. Information technology and library technology2191

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