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0 seed germination stage
1 flower meristem visible stage
1 leaf initiation stage
1 main shoot growth stage
1 pattern formation stage
1 root primordium formation stage
2 endoreduplication stage
2 flower meristem notched stage
2 formation of axillary shoot stage
2 leaf expansion stage
2 root meristem formation stage
2.00 main shoot only
2.01 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at one node stage
2.02 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at two nodes stage
2.03 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at three nodes stage
2.04 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at four nodes stage
2.05 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at five nodes stage
2.06 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at six nodes stage
2.07 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at seven nodes stage
2.08 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at eight nodes stage
2.09 main shoot and axillary shoots visible at nine or more nodes stage
3 branch formation stage
3 establishment of tissue systems stage
3 flower organ development stage
3 leaf fully expanded stage
3 rapid growth stage
4 anthesis stage
4 growth directionality stage
4 leaf senescence stage
4 root elongation stage
5 post anthesis stage
5 root hair formation stage
5.02 20% of inflorescence emerged.
5.04 40% of inflorescence emerged
5.06 60% of inflorescence emerged
5.08 80% of inflorescence emerged
6.01 10% of flowers open
6.03 30% of flowers open
6.04 40% of flowers open
7-8 fruit formation and maturation
7.02 fruit size 20%
7.04 fruit size 40%
7.06 fruit size 60%
7.08 fruit size 80%
A archesporial cells visible stage
A megaspore mother cell enlarges stage
A microsporogenous mass stage
A1 root initials formation stage
A2 root initials differentiation stage
A2.1 root intials differntiation of primary roots
A2.2 root initials differentiation of lateral roots
A2.3 founder cell derivatives of lateral root
A2.4 root initials differentiation of crown roots
abaxial epidermis of ovary
abaxial nucellar projection
abaxial petiole canal
abaxial protoderm
abaxial side of leaf primordium
abscission zone
accessory transfusion tissue
adaxial epidermis of ovary
adaxial nucellar projection
adaxial petiole canal
adaxial protoderm
adaxial side of leaf primordium
adult vascular leaf
adventitious root apical meristem
adventitious root epidermis
adventitious root nodule
adventitious root primordium
aerial tuber
aerial tuber axillary bud meristem
aerial tuber axillary shoot
aerial tuber axillary vegetative bud
aerial tuber cortex
aerial tuber epidermis
aerial tuber interfascicular region
aerial tuber periderm
aerial tuber perimedullary zone
aerial tuber pith
aerial tuber storage parenchyma
alar cell
albuminous cell
aleurone layer
androecium development stage
androecium primordium
angular collenchyma
anther dehiscence zone
anther development stage
anther locule
anther pore
anther primordium
anther septum
anther theca
anther vascular system
anther wall
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