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The JITA Classification Schema has been developed starting from a merger of NewsAgentTopic Classification Scheme (maintained by Mike Keen at Aberystwyth, UK, until 31st March 1998) and the RIS classification scheme of the (now defunct) Review of Information Science originally conceived by Dagobert Soergel (University of Maryland). JITA is an acronym of the authors' first names: <J>osé Manuel Barrueco Cruz, <I>mma Subirats Coll, <T>homas Krichel and <A>ntonella De Robbio. The authors thank Michael Keen, University of Wales Aberystwyth and Andy Powell, UKOLN for the permission of the using NewsAgentTopic Classification Scheme in the development of this schema. In addition, the authors are grateful for comments by Lorcan Dempsey (OCLC) and Sophie Rigny (Library of Congress).

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23887 159 JITA Classification System of Library and Information Science [2002-11-11 version] 23437138

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159 concepts, 21 :

Communication theory   
Scholarly communication   
Book Culture   
Web 2.0   
Social networks   
Digital libraries   
Industrial property: patents   
Knowledge management   
Open access   
Open source software   
Professional associations   
Linked data   
Data mining, big data   
OPEN data   
Research data   
Mobile devices   

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