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The JITA Classification Schema has been developed starting from a merger of NewsAgentTopic Classification Scheme (maintained by Mike Keen at Aberystwyth, UK, until 31st March 1998) and the RIS classification scheme of the (now defunct) Review of Information Science originally conceived by Dagobert Soergel (University of Maryland). JITA is an acronym of the authors' first names: <J>osé Manuel Barrueco Cruz, <I>mma Subirats Coll, <T>homas Krichel and <A>ntonella De Robbio. The authors thank Michael Keen, University of Wales Aberystwyth and Andy Powell, UKOLN for the permission of the using NewsAgentTopic Classification Scheme in the development of this schema. In addition, the authors are grateful for comments by Lorcan Dempsey (OCLC) and Sophie Rigny (Library of Congress).

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Contributors: 24

23887 159 JITA Classification System of Library and Information Science [2002-11-11 version] 23437138
818 Academic libraries8181
813 Repositories8131
782 Information dissemination and diffusion7821
749 Informetric methods7491
712 Internet, including WWW7121
659 Use and impact of information6591
532 Information in society5321
487 e-resources4871
473 Intellectual property: author's rights, ownership, copyright and copyleft4731
463 e-journal4631
450 Education4501
421 User training, promotion, activities, education4211
416 Cataloging, bibliographic control4161
405 Public libraries4051
405 Printing, electronic publishing, broadcasting4051
400 Library and information science as a field4001
364 Information policy3641
355 Databases and Database Networking3551
347 Information society3471
347 Knowledge representation3471
329 Information needs and information requirements analysis3291
325 User studies3251
324 Web pages3241
320 Data and metadata structures3201
312 Search engines3121
310 Periodicals, Newspapers3101
308 Digitization3081
281 Index languages, processes and schemes2811
274 Portals2741
272 Digital preservation2721
267 Relationship of library and information science with other fields such as computing and communication science and cognitive science2671
256 Software2561
251 Co-operation2511
250 User interfaces, usability2501
245 Health libraries, Medical libraries2451
242 Information theory and library theory2421
238 Archives2381
228 Literacy2281
219 L. Information technology and library technology2191
209 Training2091
198 H. Information sources, supports, channels1981
183 Library automation systems1831
176 F. Management1761
171 Design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems and services1711
169 Content analysis: abstracting, indexing, classification1691
166 Electronic media1661
166 Information transfer: protocols, formats (e.g. XML), techniques1661
164 Special libraries1641
162 Audio-visual, Multimedia, TV1621
157 User categories: children, young people, social groups1571
157 OPACs1571
154 Reference work1541
153 Curricula aspects1531
150 Information industry1501
150 OPAC systems1501
149 Use studies1491
147 e-books1471
140 Marketing1401
138 Information economics1381
133 A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information1331
130 I. Information treatment for information services, Information functions and techniques1301
129 Archival materials1291
127 B. Information use and sociology of information1271
127 Organizations1271
124 Personnel management1241
123 National libraries1231
123 Mass media1231
118 Staff1181
111 Intellectual freedom1111
111 Computer networking1111
110 Rare books and manuscripts1101
110 J. Technical services in libraries, archives and museums1101
105 Acquisitions1051
104 Information presentation: hypertext, hypermedia1041
103 Data base management systems1031
98 Automatic text retrieval981
97 E. Publishing and legal issues971
96 G. Industry, profession and education961
91 Software methodologies and engineering911
89 Science libraries891
84 Gray literature841
83 School libraries831
79 Censorship791
79 Reorganization791
72 C. Users, literacy and reading721
71 Reading and story telling711
71 Automated language processing711
69 Telecommunications691
67 Serials management671
65 D. Libraries as physical collections651
63 Record keeping631
63 Interlibrary loans631
62 Document delivery621
61 Biographies611
60 Print materials601
58 Local government581
57 Government libraries571
57 Public relations571
56 Finance561
56 Library, archive and museum buildings561
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