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Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus  
1assisting spouses1
1asylum-seeking women and girls1
1atypical work employment2
1best practices for gender equality1
1burden of proof 
1capacity building1
1care economy2
2 care work4
3  domestic responsibilities4
2 family care7
1care ethics4
2 dependant care2
1career breaks 
1caring masculinity 
1child marriage2
1civil society11
1claims to resources 
1commercial sexual exploitation 
1compounded stereotypes1
1consultative and participatory techniques and tools 
1crimes committed in the name of so-called honour 
1cultural violence2
1custodial violence against women 
1date rape1
1dating violence2
1democratic deficit 
1derived rights 
1desegregation of the labour market 
1dignity at work7
1direct discrimination1
1direct violence 
1disadvantaged groups 
1discrimination against women1
1domestic division of labour2
1domestic violence2
1double standards 
1dual approach to gender equality 
1due diligence1
1early marriage1
1economic abuse1
1economic violence8
1elder abuse 
1emancipation of women 
1emergency contraception 
1emotional abuse1
1empowerment of women 
1equal access to justice for women and men7
1equal access to resources for women and men1
1equal opportunities for women and men 
1equal pay for work of equal value1
1equal sharing of domestic responsibilities 
1equal treatment of women and men4
1equality bodies1
1equality dimension 
1equality of outcome1
1family leave 
1family planning1
1family responsibilities2
1family violence1
1family worker1
1female circumcision 
1female genital cutting 
1female genital mutilation 
1female infanticide1
1female-headed households 
1feminisation of migration 
1feminisation of poverty1
1feminist studies2
1flexibility of working time arrangements1
1forced abortion3
1forced marriage2
1forced pregnancy1
1forced prostitution2
1forced sterilisation2
1formal gender equality 
1gender and development6
2 women in development (WID) 
1gender awareness2
1gender balance6
1gender bias 
1gender bias 
1gender blindness3
1gender contract2
1gender dimension1
1gender discrimination5
1gender disparities 
1gender division of labour 
1gender dynamics 
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