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I believe that we should be very specific when selecting widely used concepts. As I'm presently selecting definitions to link to the concepts used in JITA, things became clearer.

Information Theory is a branch in the domain of Mathematics. Library science, on the other hand, is quite another thing, although we know that it borrows a lot from the former.

So I propose that you consider:

1) using Library Science (the common term) instead of Library theory [see:]; this only apllies to certain languages as roman languages use terms derived from library (bibliotheca); in Portuguese we selected Biblioteconomia.

2) separating these two concepts - Information Theory from Library Theory; I wonder how many papers do mention information theory within those classified as such - there are very misleading classification practices within E-LIS, I regret to say, but that is quite another matter to discuss elsewhere. But if you think it is useful to keep Information Theory it is probably wiser to have in another subclass.

What do you think?

Paula Sequeiros

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