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Software for Simple Knowledge Organisation Systems#

Main use cases#

  • creation: top-down and/or bottom-up collection of concepts with their labels and translations;
  • organisation: linking concepts together (hierarchies, related) and linking concepts and data (indexing);
  • distribution: push/pull the Knowledge Organisation System to/by the applications and their users;
  • search: by words, along links;
  • applications: using the information is more and more "social": users may enrich the original knowledge and track how evolutions are accepted by the community.





A fantastic drawing software! Now integrated in ASKOSI...



RDF Browser : Quick and Dirty RDF browser by University of Southampton#

Java modules:#


Direct XML marshalling and unmarshalling of ConceptScheme and Concept classes (ConceptScheme XSD).

Apache Cayenne#

Integrating SQL Databases and Java development.

Apache Click#

Well structured development of efficient Web applications.

Jersey (JSR 311):#

REST Interface for Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete of concepts and concepts maintenance workflow.

OpenRDF Sesame and AliBaba:#

  • We use their SparQL client
  • Following this article, Sesame can store information about RDF Statements and be used to query about meta-metadata: information about UPDATING RDF statements (or SKOS statements).

Simile Exhibit#

Following this message it is interesting to see how to parameterize SIMILE to browse SKOS/RDF files


It may be interesting to crawl specific websites and record which Concepts are referred by which pages and make this accessible in ASKOSI Concept usage displays. A Thesaurus driven index of specific sites...

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