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SKOS validation#

Information managers want "quality", measurements of different objective criteria to verify a thesaurus.

We would propose the following:

Alliasses and Notations#

  1. Ambiguous alliasses
  2. Missing notations (concepts without a given notation scheme)
  3. Ambiguous notations


  1. Duplicate terms:
    1. in the same language
      1. for preferred labels
      2. for alternate or preferred labels
    2. in different languages but for different concepts
  2. Missing translations:
    1. for any language or for a specific one
  3. Min/Mean/Max number of alternate labels


  1. Orphan concepts (concepts outside any hierarchies)
  2. Loops in hierarchies
    1. in broader / narrower
    2. in broadMatch / narrowMatch
    3. in combinations of both type of hierarchies
  3. Inspection of poly-hierarchies
  4. Min/Mean/Max depth of hierarchies
  1. "See Also" Relation pointing to a direct ascendant or descendant in the hierarchy
  2. "See Also" Relation pointing to a sibbling concept

If Indexation (concept use) is also analyzed:#

  1. Min/Mean/Max uses of concepts by objects of a given type
  2. Objects indexed by a broader concept and by some of its narrowers.

We see these SKOS management functions bundled in a JSP application also able to access SQL databases. The results of the validations will have to be browsable sets of SKOS concepts. It remains to be discussed if updating must be possible "in place" or not.

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