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Searching with Lucene in DSpace:#

To integrate SKOS within DSpace, we added:

  • indexation expansion: every concept reference is expanded in the Lucene search indexes:
    • to all translations of the preferred term
    • to all synonyms
    • to all alias of the identification code (including the main concept identification code)
    • to all notations in other coding scheme for the concept
  • auto-complete to help the user select a term and provide the corresponding code to the search engine
  • translation of the stored code for the concept reference, taking into account the user language
  • faceted browsing
  • improved result display and sort options.

We had to modify the tokenizers to ensure that a code following the syntax: ConceptScheme_ConceptId is indexed as one word and left untouched (no stemming for instance).

This work was presented at OAI7 in Geneva.

SolR, a future project?#

Making similar additions / adaptations /plugins to SolR would ensure that we can use SolR instead of Lucene (DSpace Discovery) and have a "pluggable" indexing engine with a known interface, powerful functions (facetted browsing, n-gram indexing, etc.) and nice user interfaces (BlackLight, ViewFind).

Any SolR based application would then benefit from ASKOSI benefits.

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