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SKOS RDF Generation#

The ASKOSI JAR allows to load terminology from different sources (Tabulation separated TXT files, SQL databases, XML or RDF files with XSLT conversion) and to publish through an API aligned on the SKOS terminology and organisation.

From this API, RDF SKOS files are generated for reuse by other SKOS based applications.

To test on your SKOS/RDF file, just copy (and adapt to your needs) our XSLT file on your server.

Example of RDF for a complete ConceptScheme or for a single record.

Other formats are available.

An XSLT to format SKOS RDF#

A SKOS/RDF file may specify an XSLT style sheet to make a nice presentation of the content when using an Internet browser.

Inspired by the Athena thesaurus in SKOS RDF, we prepared this XSLT file for reuse in other applications. Please note that this style sheet gives a preference to the latin name (for plants and animals, it is useful), the english name and then the names in other languages: it is easy to modify for your need.

As an example, starting from the Astronomy and Astrophysics Keyword List, available in SKOS/RDF, we added only one line (just after the first one) and got this result (please note that IE 8 mandates .xml extension for your SKOS/RDF file. Firefox is accepting .xml and .rdf).

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