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ASKOSI Project Presentation#

With diverse information systems everywhere, the need to integrate is rising. Precise identification of subjects and objects is essential to those information exchanges. The role of codification tables, controlled vocabularies, authority lists, thesauri, etc. is becoming more crucial than ever: data is "mashed up" from different sources: coherent commercial software is replaced by "constellations" of open-source projects. W3C is answering this by proposing the "Semantic Web" made of different standard: SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System) is one of the nearest from libraries needs:where information consumers remain humans and where data management must be very efficient and reliable. Our project has started two years ago to answer the needs of the Belgium Poison Centre and those of the CDMC Haute Alsace (WindMusic). It aims to build and regularly improve an API (programmed in Java for now) providing services around a common data model (SKOS as a core; SQL and XML to exchange data). This API enables diverse applications:

  1. to provide cataloguers or information providers with up to date controlled vocabularies,
  2. to ensure precise indexing and systems cross-linking using concept codes rather than words,
  3. to allow users to search using synonyms, translations or concept hierarchies,
  4. to display frequencies of concepts’ usage so every users may know how much information is behind each concept.

Our first implementation is linking different DSpace repositories and also JSPWiki.

Belgium Poison Centre#


  1. Search User Interface proposal for Subject Repositories: OAI7 DSpace User Group Meeting,Université de Genève
  2. How ASKOSI is integrated in DSpace?
  3. Presentation has been presented at DSUG 2009 in Göteborg (Sweden), October 15th: Article in PDF
  4. Presentation of ASKOSI JAR and Web Application with examples from WindMusic: (PDF)

Referring to Concepts:#

How to represent the "use" of a concept from a SKOS Scheme when writing text or data?

ASKOSI jar : managing SKOS ConceptSchemes in Java#

ASKOSI Web Application : searching and browsing SKOS ConceptSchemes#

A Web Application using the ASKOSI Jar (SKOS API) to propose services over existing terminology sources (demo).

  1. Displaying Thesauri, their relations and their uses
  2. ASKOSI Output Matrix
  3. SKOS validation
  4. SKOS updates

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