ASKOSI Output Matrix#

From the different SKOS Concept Schemes loaded in ASKOSI (from XML, RDF/XML, SKOS/RDF/XML, TXT/CSV files or web services, SparQL or SQL Servers, File system hierarchy, Java Multilingual Bundles, Java ENUM Classes), you can have the following outputs:
List of available applications, indexation roles and concept schemes
+ JavaScript support functions explained in Referring to Concepts
Search a string in all concept schemes DONE     DONE
(JQuery UI Autocomplete) (*)
All concepts in a ConceptScheme
(hierarchy or alphabetical display: &sort=tree or alfa)
(all data) (*)
(adapted to user language) (*)
(all data from XML) (*)
ConceptScheme Metadata with a list of top concepts     DONE (*) DONE (*)
Concepts in a ConceptScheme by decreasing usage frequency DONE      
One concept DONE
(graphs available)
Search a string in one concept scheme DONE TODO TODO TODO
Autocomplete for a string in one or more concept scheme DONE (*)   TODO
(OpenSearch Suggestions)
DONE (*)
(JQuery UI Autocomplete)
AtomPub RSS     AtomXML JSON from AtomXML
List of concept schemes already loaded     DONE DONE
Search a string in all concept schemes     DONE DONE
All concepts in a ConceptScheme     DONE DONE
One concept (or a list of concepts separated by commas)     DONE DONE
Search a string in one concept scheme     DONE DONE
Concepts (or records) linked to a concept through a relation     DONE DONE
  • DONE: Examples are based on ConceptScheme JITA and on query string "Knowledge"
  • (*) : In these outputs; the Schemes and the Concepts are identified with a simple word and not with complete URLs (as explained in Referring to Concepts: you will find there JavaScript functions to go back and forth from URLs to simple codes)
  • OpenSearch is proposing different output formats we should consider
  • AtomPub RSS URL follows the Microsoft OData specifications for URLs and implement OpenSearch extensions in the provided results.
  • Within an AtomPub URL, the parameter "format=json" is not always recognized but a request with preferred ContentType "application/json" is always recognized.
  • The available relations linking a concept to some others are:


  1. For JavaScript UI, to get the basic terminology (and iconology) of the information model, we recommend to define the main objects, relations and indexes in ASKOSI (ConceptSchemes applications (var appNames), roles (var appSearches), metaSchemes (var schemeNames) and to include this at beginning of your HTML pages:
  2. For a word search returning the preferred label in the user language with an indication of which synonym contains searced words + the quantity of linked records, the Autocomplete 'as in DESTIN DSpace" is the best choice (example in Advanced Search and here). Currently the output is an HTML List but we will add JSON (JQuery format) and make it available soon.
    This autocomplete servlet has the following parameters:
    1. &mode=edit : list a concept even if it is unused for indexation
      &mode=search : list a concept only if is used in the index that will be searched
    2. &index=index-role-name : name of an indexation role for which usage statistics will be indicated
    3. &application=application-code: code of the application for which the concept is indexed.
    4. & current=xyz (&term=xyz for JQuery UI) : characters already typed by the user in the Search Box
    5. &list=ConceptScheme : code of the ConceptScheme to search in the AutoComplete. Multiple ConceptSchemes may be searched at a time separating them with "_": code1_code2_..._code3
    6. &format=json and &format=xml remain to be added.
      But for JSON right now, please use autocomplete.jsp (instead of the autocomplete servlet).
    7. &locale=xx can be specified if preferred language is different user language (as set in her/his browser). &strict=on  can be specified if terms in other languages (except english) should never be searched.
  3. For full information about a Concept, one format exactly reflects internal data structures
  4. For mashing multiple sources with the same protocol, complete AtomPub RSS support is provided.

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