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  • "Usage and impact of controlled vocabularies in a subject repository for indexing and retrieval":
  • Constantia Kakali explores the usefulness of tags in social OPACs to subject headings, including logfile analysis of the search terms and their relation to knowledge representation schemas.
  • "Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) and related Schemes in the Digital World". De Robbio, A., Maguolo, D., & Marini, A.
  • "Mathematics Subject Classification and related schemes in the OAI framework. In: Find and Post Mathematics in the Web A workshop on Electronic Information and Communication in Mathematics, 2002". De Robbio, A., Maguolo, D., & Marini, A. In International Congress of Mathematicians 2002 – Beijing,Beijing, China,August 28-31, 2002.Lange Springer - Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences - ISSN: 0302-9743. (Published)
  • Christophe Dupriez proposed:
    • Calculate mean JITA usage (12 thousand records x JITA keywords per records / 120 JITA concepts): should be a few hundreds.
    • Identify concepts rarely used (less than 100 times?) and consider to merge them
    • Identify concepts too often used (more than 1000 times?) and consider to split them (and manually reindex the records!)
    • Identify concepts combinations too often used (more than 300 times?) and consider the reasons of this post coordination
    • Sample recent documents and verify if some new concepts could be necessary for them
    • Sample documents with too few keywords (1, 2, 3?) and verify if some new new concepts could be necessary for them
    • Sample documents with too many keywords (8 or more) and verify the underlying reasons
    • Gather all ideas, discussions and decisions in the JITA Wiki I will link to ASKOSI (example from Toxicology below)
    • Apply the decisions and regenerate JITA "english"
    • Translate changed terms
    • Formal Republishing! (many informal republishing before!)

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Referred by: JITA Maintenance