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Indexing E-LIS contributions using JITA#

Indexing your contributions to E-LIS means, for each article contributed, to list the subjects it covers.

The subjects comes from a pre-defined and controlled list: the JITA vocabulary.

This vocabulary is organized in 10 facets: for each, you will have to assess if your article is investigating LIS in that dimension and choose if one (and sometimes more than one) entry is well related to your article.

The current facets are:

  1. [Theoretical and General]: general level
    • A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information
    • B. Information use and sociology of information
  2. [User oriented, directional, and management functionalities]: intermediate level (socio-economical and legal issues are included here)
    • C. Users, literacy and reading
    • D. Libraries as physical collections
    • E. Publishing and legal issues
    • F. Management
    • G. Industry, profession and education
  3. [Objects, Pragmatics and Technicalities]: specific level
    • H. Information sources, supports, channels
    • I. Information treatment for information services, Information functions and techniques
    • J. Technical services in libraries, archives and museums

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