!!! ASKOSI jar : managing SKOS ConceptSchemes in Java

!!! Functional schema

[{Image src='http://www.askosi.org/ASKOSIjar.png' alt='http://www.askosi.org/ASKOSIjar.png'}]

(future development in pink)
!!! Integration schema

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!!! [Installation|Install]
!!! [Data Sources Configuration|Data Sources for Concepts Definitions]
!!! "POJO" SKOS Java API:
# JAXB: JavaBeans in~-memory data structure = XML Data Structure = [ConceptScheme.xsd|http://www.askosi.org/ConceptScheme.xsd]
# [JavaDoc|http://www.askosi.org/javadoc/] (work in progress)
# [Searching SKOS Concepts with Lucene in DSpace|SKOS for SolR]
# [SKOS RDF Generation]
!!! Current Developments:
# As seen in the current [AgroVoc demonstration|http://www.destin.be/askosi/view.jsp?scheme=c]:
## Labels can now receive an indication of their "source".
## Relations (RT, NT, BT, etc.) can now receive an indication of a sub~-relation.
# Notes can now receive HTML text or URLs : to be tested fully with [DIRE examples|http://www.destin.be/DIRE].
# Integration of ASKOSI with JspWiki to enable discussion of each concept in a vocabulary ([JITA Maintenance])
# Harvesting of usage: up to now, ASKOSI accepts notifications about which application uses which concept along which role. An harvesting process will be build to feed ASKOSI with sources unable to send those notifications. This will strongly enrich the demonstrations by showing how ASKOSI can be a hub to the different applications using a controlled vocabulary.
# User Interface improvements: the ASKOSI browsing and searching environment should be as comfortable as possible. History of searches, combinations of searches should be explored for implementation.
# The ASKOSI WebApp will be modified to add the possibility to add statements on each SKOS data elements:
## Those "assertions" will be recorded in a Database and read to add data in the SKOS POJOs
## The same path will be used to import SKOS RDF files