What is ASKOSI ?#

A project to contribute to the Subjects Ecosystem.#

...SI: ...Systems Integration#

With the advent of SKOS, a W3C standard for thesaurus (authority lists, codification tables, taxonomies, etc.), it should become possible to better interconnect applications. Thesauri (and other codification systems) are making the link from the concepts (and their surroundings) to the terms that the users know: SKOS opens the path to much better semantical integration between business applications.

AS...: Application Services...#

With the momentum of Web 2.0, there is an important opportunity to study the users benefits that a better management (and presentation) of thesauri could provide. Inter-operability is the key to cooperation between applications and competitions between software products.

...KO...: ...Knowledge Organization...#

Today, having all information available and searchable is felt like "normal". But to make information more useful, more operational (some then call it "knowledge"), more organization is needed. Thesauri and Control Lists are providing the essential backbones for such information organization. What are we doing ? Users need evaluation...

Technology is nothing without users' benefits. ASKOSI first aim is to evaluate users practical needs and to establish goals for systems development. Integration...

Much too often, it is very difficult to achieve real daily performance when using software systems from different developers. We will try to establish what really works and what doesn't when trying to integrate different SKOS aware software.

A simple goal...#

Maximize the benefits of building thesauri and other reference lists by reusing existing information systems and by providing better management and presentation tools, well integrated in the applications the user needs daily.

and an invitation:#

You are very welcome to propose ideas, projects, applications to discuss, software to evaluate or to integrate. This Wiki is dedicated for this...

A project launched by Destin Informatique

Learn more about ASKOSI Project...#


18-Aug-2012 23:00
JITA now refered in VEST#

FAO inventory of vocabularies (VEST) has now an entry for JITA:http://aims.fao.org/kos/jita-classification-system-library-and-information-science

19-Jul-2012 23:00
AtomPub RSS#

Using Apache Abdera, an OData + OpenSearch compliant AtomPub server has been created. Look at the examples in the ASKOSI Output Matrix and to the explanations.

30-May-2012 23:00

Our current development GLISP (Gliding and Spotting Information) together with ASKOSI will be presented to this Hackaton organised by Europeana June 13th to 15th in Leuven (Belgium)

18-Jan-2012 00:00
Step by step explanation...#

To explain the context of the needs for ASKOSI, a little schema build itself step by step. Just the spacebar or click the schema to advance from one step to another. The whole text is displayed at the end. An ASKOSI story is also in preparation.

25-Dec-2011 00:00
Improving JITA Classification for LIS: an E-LIS Community effort#

Presentation to the 1st International Workshop “Transfer Information for Innovation”, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, November 3rd 2011: valendia.pdf(info)

This is an example of collaborative analysis and update of a classification.

20-Dec-2011 00:00
Soon with voiD !#

ASKOSI is gathering statistics about how each concepts are used in different applications for different roles.

A mapping between those statistics and the voiD standard is in preparation: ASKOSI will then be able to publish in SKOS but also to publish the links between concepts and the datasets using them.

31-Aug-2011 23:00
New Server for ASKOSI#

With a new server, we will be in position to experiment on-line with large scale vocabularies.

The address is: http://www.destin.be/askosi

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03-Apr-2011 23:00
JITA : Classification System of Library and Information Science#
A fantastic collective effort has created the translation of JITA in 10 languages: TR, EL, NL, CS, FR, IT, RO, CA, PT, PL, ES, AR, RU (EN being the source language).

A graphic portal as been made to access the collections corresponding to each of the JITA Subjects within ELis (E-prints in Library and Information Science): http://www.askosi.org/jita/

03-Apr-2011 23:00
Faceted Search in DSpace#
At OAI7 in Geneva, a pre-conference day has been organised for DSpace.

We presented there our latest development for faceting a search result and take advantage of thesauri or authority list in DSpace: https://atmire.com/labs17/handle/123456789/11789

26-Nov-2010 00:00
Presentations at UCLondon and ULBruxelles#
  • UCL (ISKO LinkdedData Meeting, Oct.24 2010): Integrating applications & projects = Dynamic & repeatable transformation of existing Thesauri and Authority lists into SKOS + Cross-tabulation of Concepts Linked Data: http://www.askosi.org/DESTIN-ISKO-UCL.pdf
  • ULB (Master in Information Science, Nov.17 2010): Introduction to Semantic Web standards and how they relate: http://www.askosi.org/ULB17.pdf (FR)
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21-May-2010 23:00
Presentation of ASKOSI#
A presentation of ASKOSI JAR and Web Application, current possibilities and incoming developments, is available: http://www.askosi.org/askosi_presentation.pdf
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16-Dec-2009 00:00
System Integration around SKOS is beginning at the Belgium Poisoncentre#
The ASKOSI library is becoming an Intranet application to browse SKOS Schemes and discover which applications use each concept and how.

The ASKOSI JSP Application will become the entry point to diverse applications, providing clear clues about "how much" there is for each concept at different places.

Tomcat Shared Libraries are used to get a unique memory image for each SKOS Scheme and Concept even if multiple applications are using it.

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08-Oct-2009 23:00
Presentation of DSpace modified to be SKOS aware at DSUG 2009 in Göteborg (Sweden)#
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01-Dec-2008 00:00
ASKOSI Wiki Development started!#
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